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Official Tsar Bomba Neutron-Limited Edition 500 Mechanical Watch

Official Tsar Bomba Neutron-Limited Edition 500 Mechanical Watch

Giá thông thường $1,469.99 AUD
Giá thông thường $1,515.00 AUD Giá ưu đãi $1,469.99 AUD
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Order & Shipping Times

Orders processed & dispatched within 1-2 Business Days, and delivery is typically within 7-15 business days. Most customers report receiving their orders in just 7-10 Days!

All Tsar Bomba Watches Include FREE Worldwide Express Posting which typically arrives in 7-10 Days standard, & (4-7 Days on Average)

Please feel free to visit our Shipping Policy Here:

Please Note: Be aware that during this festive time of year, supply chains may be backed up. Orders are typically filled in 2-4 days due to extended high demand, customs and shipping could or may add some extra time. No need to fret though, it's just part of the end-of-year sale holiday madness! 

We Appreciate & Thank You For Your Patience & Support.

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Team @ Top G Watches Australia Pty Ltd

Limited-Edition, Only 500 Made

Limited Edition

Only 500 of these Limited Edition timepieces have been created for the global market. Be one of only five-hundred people in the world to put this on your wrist.


Titanium Alloy Case

Titanium is an exotic element in the world of watchmaking. Notoriously challenging to work with, titanium components are typically restricted to only a handful of watch manufacturers possessing the specialized equipment and know-how. However, the benefits of titanium are worth it and deliver a supremely lightweight, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant timepiece.


Carbon Fibre Bezel

Carbon fibre is five times stronger than steel with only a fraction of the weight, which is why high-tech racing cars and Italian supercars make liberal use of this exotic material. In the world of watchmaking, carbon fibre delivers the same durability benefits, while also creating a luxurious and sleek look.


Interchangeable Strap

Tsar Bomba’s game-changing, patented Quick Release technology allows you to experience versatility like never before. Precisely engineered for convenience, with a simple press of a button, you’ll be able to completely change the look and style of your Tsar Bomba watch.


Water Resistance

Rated at 5 ATM or 50 meters (150 feet) which allows you worry-free waterproof performance in the rain, shower, and swimming.



High-quality, proprietary, AlphaLuminex by Tsar Bomba, delivers exceptional night-time dial visibility allowing you to quickly read the time even in pitch-black conditions.


Explore The Tsar Bomba Limited-Edition Neutron 500 Series Today

Top G Watches Australia Pty Ltd
TSAR Bomba Official Retailer
Designed & Made from Tsar Bomba
2 Year Full Warranty
All TSAR Bomba Watches are Shipped within 7-15 Days
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Worldwide Shipping Available
Designed & Manufactured from Highest Reputable Brands & Quality International Watch Makers. 

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