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Collection: Tsar Bomba Watch - Meet The Watch Named After The Biggest Apocalyptic Nuclear Aerial Bomb Ever Detonated.

The Official TSAR Bomba Watch 

Experience the explosive power of Tsar Bomba watches - crafted with unique designs and unmatched quality. Our brand is named after the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated, not for its destructive capabilities, but because we believe our products possess immense energy and resilience. Every watch is meticulously researched and developed, giving you the strength to conquer any obstacle with a playful and quirky style.

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Latest Luxury Wristwatches Made & Designed by TSAR Bomba Watches.

2 Year Warranty!

All TSAR Bomba Watches Are Shipped In 7-12 Days. (1-2weeks at most).

3-7 Fast Express COMING SOON for All Australian & New Zealand Customers.

TSAR BOMBA watch was born in the Sino-German Force Lab. Based on mechanical mechanics, innovative materials, and precision manufacturing, it integrates oriental aesthetics and strives to make continuous breakthroughs in tech. Adopts an ergonomic double bridge design. Each case has undergone 202 processes to make the watch fit the human wrist, greatly enhancing the matching experience. A visual feast of simple luxury that brings out the best of men's style.

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