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Collection: Tsar Bomba Automatic Mechanical Watches

Experience the cutting-edge Tsar Bomba automatic mechanical watch - no batteries needed! Simply wind it yourself and let its powerful springs keep the automatic movement running all day long.
Some Awesome Mechanical Watches of Today & Tsar Bomba, feature cutting-edge dual Mechanical Quartz technology. Enjoy the same dependable functions on both sides.
Tsar Bomba Automatic Mechanical Models:
TB8208A, TB8210CF, TB8212CF, TB8213, TB8209A, TB8208CF, TB8209D, TB8208CF, TB8218, TB8214, TB8208D, TB8208T, TB8212C, TB8212CF, TB8206A, TB8207A, TB8209CF, TB8210A, TB8803A, TB8804A, TB8209C.
Tsar Bomba Automatic Mechanical Watches