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Official TSAR BOMBA Elemental Series Ceramic Finished Kinetic Energy Display Automatic Watch TB8212C

Official TSAR BOMBA Elemental Series Ceramic Finished Kinetic Energy Display Automatic Watch TB8212C

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Orders processed & dispatched within 1-2 Business Days, and delivery is typically within 7-15 business days. Most customers report receiving their orders in just 7-10 Days!

All Tsar Bomba Watches Include FREE Worldwide Express Posting which typically arrives in 7-10 Days standard, & (4-7 Days on Average)

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2023 Latest Release - Official TSAR Bomba Ceramic Finish Watch

Light-Weight & Durable Ceramic-TB8212C

The ceramic watch case designed for mechanical timepieces seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with durability. Crafted with precision, it is scratch-resistant, resistant to dirt, lightweight, and exudes elegance. The watch's front, sides, and bottom are all crafted from ceramic, offering an invitation into the world of elegance.

Official Tsar Bomba TB8212C Ceramic Top G Watches


Kinetic Energy Display Watch

With each flick of the wrist, witness a dazzling display of gears and springs in motion, offering a glimpse into the heart of the watch. This enchanting sight not only marks the endless flow of time, but also pays homage to the skill and innovation behind this timekeeping masterpiece. A captivating journey that immerses the wearer in the rich tradition of mechanical watchmaking.

Official Tsar Bomba TB8212C Ceramic Automatic Mechanical Top G Watches


Ultra Light-Weight & Durable Ceramic Case

Ceramic watch cases are the perfect combination of style and sturdiness. Created with expert craftsmanship, they are tough, lightweight, and resist scratches. With their polished look and durability, ceramic cases are a top pick for modern watch design.

Official Tsar Bomba TB8212C Ceramic Mechanical Top G Watches


Fluororubber (FKM) Strap - Originally Made For Military Applications

Experience unrivaled durability in any situation with the remarkably resilient Fluororubber material. Its soft, second-skin-like feel provides ultimate comfort for extended wear, perfect for the stylish and discerning connoisseur. Elevate your timekeeping game with the cutting-edge Fluororubber (FKM) strap, originally designed for military applications.

Official Tsar Bomba TB8212C Ceramic Mechanical Top G Watches

5ATM (50m) Water Resistance

With a waterproof level of 50 meters, this timepiece can handle unexpected rain showers, accidental hand washing, and even spontaneous swims without skipping a beat. It's the perfect companion for all your watery adventures.

Official Tsar Bomba TB8212C Ceramic Mechanical Top G Watches

Ice-Blue Quality Grade-A Luminous

Watch hands and indicators in top-tier luminescent material. Whether it's a night out in the city or an exploration under the stars, the watch's luminous display ensures that time is always visible, clear, and vibrant. Let your timepiece be the light that never fades, even when the sun goes down.

Official Tsar Bomba TB8212C Ceramic Mechanical Top G Watches


  • Full Ceramic Automatic Watch: Ergonomic double bridge design. Each case undergoes 410 processes to make the watch fit the wrist better. The high-quality anti-oxidation Fluororubber (FKM) strap can be stretched in length, which greatly improves the matching experience. The movement on the hollow dial is unobstructed, and the movement is unobstructed, and the details are breathtaking.
  • Case Size: The case is made of 316L ceramic material, the standard size is 50.4mm*42.59mm, and the thickness is only 13.50mm, with a high-quality rubber strap. Wrist size 260mm, weight 104.7g.
  • Water and Scratch Resistant: It is 50m water-resistant and can be worn easily while swimming and snorkelling! But it is not suitable for diving or hot water environment. The glass dial provides strength and durability.
  • Unique Design: Discover a beautiful collection of Automatic watches at Tsar Bomba. Suitable for business, sports, parties, leisure and entertainment, the unique craftsmanship injects new vitality into the watch. The skeleton dial design adds a stylish touch to your watch. The design of the curved surface of the case is more suitable for the curvature of the human wrist, and the wearing experience is better.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship & Upgraded Materials: International award-winning barrel design fits perfectly with the ergonomic structure, colourless anti-reflective coating with high translucency-Morse grade 9-sapphire crystal, aviation-grade IP ion-plated high-tech coating, ultra-precise CNC cutting technology, quadruple diamond cold grinding process. Environmentally friendly A-grade super luminous coating, fast light absorption, full of energy for 4 consecutive hours.
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty, if there is any problem within two years, you can contact us to replace the new watch for free, and free replacement parts within 5 years to make your watch run smoothly

  • Payment method: We provide credit card or Paypal payment, start shipping the same day after receiving the payment, make sure you receive the watch within 7-15 working days, or less!
  •  Customer Service: We are committed to providing our customers with quality service and exquisitely crafted products. Every TSAR BOMBA watch goes through strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

Engaging Dynamic Mechanical Dial

A: How do I adjust the energy of my watch?

When the single energy indicator is pointing to the red zone, you need to turn the crown clockwise 25-30 times to fully charge the watch.

B: How do I adjust the time?

Pull the crown out one notch, turn the crown clockwise to set the time, and push the crown back in after making the adjustment.

Official Tsar Bomba TB8212 Top G watches


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2 Year Full Warranty
All TSAR Bomba Watches are Shipped 7-15 Days
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