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Motion FruCase Winding Display Watch Storage Case - Automatic Winder USB Cable / with Battery Option

Motion FruCase Winding Display Watch Storage Case - Automatic Winder USB Cable / with Battery Option

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Store Your Watch Securely On Display In Style!
Keeps your Watch Clean, Dry, & Dust Free. So your Watch is Fresh, Clean & new Looking Every-Time!
Safety Isolation Magnetic Field Protection (Protection against potential magnetic forces that can damage the Internal Mechanics of the Watch.)
Displayed behind Durable & Tough Acrylic Glass
Two Fantastic Colour Option. (What will you Pick?)
30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Ultimate Protection】: Advanced Safety Isolation Magnetic Field Protection, which protects against potential magnetic forces that can damage the internal mechanics of the Watch.
Unique design】:The spherical watch winder is a stunning piece of art. The sleek and futuristic design is eye-catching and sure to attract attention. The spherical shape of the watch winder gives it a modern and stylish look that will complement any room décor.

    Perfect for displaying watches】:The spherical watch winder is perfect for displaying watches. It has a transparent dome that showcases the watch inside. This feature allows you to show off your beautiful timepieces while keeping them safe and secure. The watch winder's design ensures that your watches are protected from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.

      Quiet operation】:One of the best selling points of the spherical watch winder is its quiet operation. The winder uses advanced technology to rotate the watch in a smooth and silent motion. This feature ensures that your watch is wound without any noise or disturbance.

        Multiple settings】:The spherical watch winder has multiple settings that allow you to customize the rotation of your watch. The winder can be set to rotate in different directions and at different speeds, depending on the type of watch you have. This feature ensures that your watch is wound correctly and keeps it in optimal condition.

          High-quality materials】:The spherical watch winder is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The winder's casing is made from sturdy materials that protect your watch from damage. The interior of the winder is lined with soft material that prevents scratches and ensures that your watch remains in pristine condition.
            Material: Durable ABS-Plastic
            Item Weight: 600g approx.
            Item Type: Automatic Watch Winders
             Item Diameter/Size: 15cm approx.
            Brand Name: FRUCASE
            Input Voltage: 5V (compatible with computer interface, mobile power supply, with USB socket, and other devices)
            Product Electrical Power Draw: <=0.2W
            Quiet Stability with battery or USB Cable wired option
            Working Sound: <5DB
            Safety Isolation Magnetic Field Protection ( Multiple Protective measure to ensure the Watch is not disturbed or effected by any possible magnetism. Which can Destroy or Damage your beloved Luxury Watch
            Switch operation instructions:

            1. Press the button to start the machine after power is on. Indicator light low light enter mode 1: positive for 2 minutes, stop for 8 minutes, reverse for 2 minutes, stop for 8 minutes, cycle.

            2. Continue press the button, the indicator light is strong, enter mode 2: turn forward for 10 minutes, reverse for 10 minutes, cycle for 2 hours, stop for 6 hours, cycle; Press the button repeatedly to switch between the two modes.

            3. In any mode, long press the button for 3s to power off, and the indicator is off
            Top G Watches Australia Pty Ltd
            30-Day Money Back Guarantee
            Excellent Gift Idea for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines, Christmas & More
            Worldwide Shipping Available
            Designed & Manufactured from Highest Reputable Brands & Quality International Watch Makers.
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            Augustine Stracke

            ten days delivery to Perth, Aus.
            i love this seller

            Adriel Walter

            nice item!

            Dewitt Will

            Great product.

            Thalia Veum

            The quality is good and its pretty.

            Hassan Grant

            Motion FruCase Winding Display Watch Storage Case - Automatic Winder USB Cable / with Battery Option